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2938 Ziegler Mahal

Ziegler Mahal Rug

2938 Ziegler Mahal

12ft 3in x 16ft 8in (3.73 x 5.08 m)


Dramatic styling from The Ziegler brothers.


The Ziegler brothers of Switzerland moved to Manchester, England in the mid nineteenth century and formed a company to import Persian carpets to Europe.  The height of their success was not achieved until later in the century.


What set Ziegler & Company apart from the crowd was the giant leap they made into production.  In order to have absolute control over the products they represented, they set up their own looms and bought out existing looms in the Arak region (Mahal).


Now they had the flexibility to have rugs made to their exact specifications. Combining the weaving expertise of the local workers with their knowledge of the European market, they executed rug cartoons in England with innovative color combinations that were well received by their clients who were bored with the look of the typical Persian rug.


In modern times, Ziegler carpets are sought after because they combine the colors and interesting designs that are still appealing to Western eyes with the elegance rugs gain from age.