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3241 Tabriz

Tabriz rug

3241 Tabriz

8ft 6in x 12ft(2.59 x 3.68m)


Tabriz, in the northwest of Persia was the capital of the Mongol empire in Persia, and later, the first capital of the Safavid dynasty.  Today, it is the capital of Persian Azerbaijan, and Iran’s second largest city.  The area has flourished as a rug center since the 16th century, but production slowed until the 19th century revival of Persian weaving.

Although Tabriz did not produce as many rugs as other areas did during the 19th century revival period, their production gained notoriety for its quality.  This came primarily as a result of the achievements of a few prominent workshops, the most celebrated of which was that of the master weaver, Hadji Jalili.  Hadji Jalili went on to become the most famous weaver working in Tabriz before the turn of the century.

As unique as it gets, the motifs used here are a Persian interpretation of Chinese dragon and organic designs.