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7003 Borlu Oushak

Borlu Oushak Rug7003 Borlu Oushak  (Turkish)
9ft 7in x 14ft 7in   (292 x 446 cm)
19th century

The town of Oushak, roughly one hundred miles south of present day Istanbul, Turkey, has been a rug-producing center since at least the 15th century.  What is referred to as Borlu Oushak is a group of carpets made in Oushak that have a firmer tighter weave than traditional rugs from the area.  They also tend to have more sophisticated designs and sharper images than their compatriots.

This particular rug has the soft, elegant coloration that make the Oushak carpets so desirable.  The extremely angular forms of the medallion, trees, serrated leaves, and frame in the field complement the simple design of the borders.

Colors: Taupe, mint green, light olive, salmon, brick.

Condition:  Excellent