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Art of the Shag

Tulu Rug
7953 TULU – 3ft10in x 5ft 2in  (117cm x 155cm)

Years ago, Nemati Collection hosted an exhibition titled, Art of the Shag, that featured long haired carpets of all sorts: Persian, Finnish, Swedish, Moroccan, and of course, probably the original “Shag” rug, the Tulu carpets of Turkey.

Tulu carpets have been woven around Konya, Turkey for centuries, but the bulk of our collection of these magnificently soft carpets are from the middle of the 20th century.  A good number of the pieces we collected and are now proud to display are woven using undyed wool accented with a few strands of dyed wool that is how each weaver signed their work.

It is worth searching through our vast selection of Tulu carpets to be exposed to a wonderfully modern design aesthetic produced by craftspeople practicing a centuries old art form.