3032 Bakhshayesh 11 ft x 17 ft 8 in

The carpets produced in the village of Bakhshayesh in Northwest Persia during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are eagerly sought after for their ability to capture the bold, graphic power of tribal and village rug design within a grander, room-size format. This example is outstanding for its adroit synthesis of earlier traditions in the region. The stepped serial medallions are reminiscent of Serab runners, while the smaller oblong palmettes floating across the field recall classical Northwest Persian designs and the related Soumak flatweaves of the Caucasus region, while the elements within the spandrels or cornerpieces recall the great Kurdish garden rugs of the late eighteenth century. But the spontaneous drawing and lovely soft coloration are classic Bakhshayesh. And the final touch is the incomparable ivory-ground border in which additional oblong palmettes are linked by sinuous, flowering spiral vines, in a perfect contrast to the bolder geometry of the field.

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