3125 Modernist Tapestry “African Dancer” by Lars Gynning 1 ft 10 in x 2 ft 6 in



Lars Gynning (1920-2003) was a successful Swedish painter and textile designer who trained in Europe and rose to fame in France as one of the most imaginative and prolific of the artists to lead the resurgence of tapestry weaving after World War II in Aubusson, France.  He continued producing designs for tapestries well into the 1970’s with a style that was often based in cubism but with a distinctive sense of motion.


The Pinton Freres atelier, which has been operating in Aubusson, since 1867 became an outlet starting in the late 1940’s for 20thcentury artists to experiment with representing their works in tapestry form. Famed French artist Jean Lurcat was instrumental in popularizing the tapestry form in the mid 20thcentury and was a big influence on Lars Gynning.

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