3365 Persian Modernist by Amoghli 6 ft 5 in x 9 ft 4 in (196 x 284)

Persian rug artisan Amoghli was famous as the producer of some of the finest Persian rugs in the 20th century, providing many excellent quality traditional carpets for the royal court and other wealthy patrons.
This is an example of a small number of modernist pieces that were made in his workshop that have now become quite collectible.  Some conjecture that they were made by the artist’s son, while others think they were done as a special order for the royal family (The Shah’s wife was a well known collector of Modern Art).  There is an Italian collector who is at present researching the origins of this group of rugs.
The fineness of the weave and the quality of the wool on this rug are quite superb.  
Amoghli’s modernist rugs are the only modernist rugs that were produced with the same attention to weave and wool quality as the best classic Persian rugs.
 c. 1960’s 

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