4007 Bakhshayesh 10 ft x 10 ft 5 in (305 x 318)

Detail Showing the negative space camel colored border
Detail of the medallion

Superb example of the best in Persian village weaving. Bakhshayesh carpets are from the same area as the more commonly known Heriz carpets, but are of older vintage and tend to have very open, uncluttered design.

The plain camel colored border on this rug is very rare, somewhat evocative of the Serab rugs of the same period. The blue used in these rugs is meant to symbolize water, from which all life springs. The “Boteh” symbolizes the seed of life, which of course flourishes from the water.

There are a few very minor old repairs on this rug that may be improved—we tend to leave things as they are because many collectors do not like a rug of such stature “touched.” As a point of interest, this rug was in the home of the last owner’s family since 1918.

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