Our space in LIC

Despite feeling like I am under house arrest with brief visits to the local Costco or Whole Foods, this quarantine time has at least delivered one scrap of value: the impetus to re-connect with old friends and colleagues.  

As we connect, let us also consider how as an industry, we can do some good.   

We are fortunate to have intimate, very personal relationships with our patrons; the economically privileged for whom we help create homes that are more and more seen as an oasis from the outside world. 

How can we leverage the influence we have with our clients to help the small businesses in our industry?  How can we have maximum impact when purchasing from our vendors?

Please help the small businesses that depend on your patronage; Invest in our future as an industry; invest in your future supply chain–If we do not support our vendors now, they will not be there in 3 years when the next boom comes and our clients are clamoring for everything to be done yesterday.

On a more personal level, what are we doing to help our neighborhood businesses stay alive?  I am posing lots of questions here; please share your best ideas so we can all learn and emulate.

Be well and stay healthy,

Darius Nemati

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