2007 Mahal Carpet 9ft 9in x 10ft 8in (3.00 x 3.25m)


In the 19th century, the Mahal, or Sultanabad region was the center of European influence over carpet weaving in Persia, most famously evidenced by the British firm, Ziegler & Company’s involvement in designing carpets for export to the West.  The rugs from this region are not as tightly woven as other Persian rugs, but they quite often highlight some of the most beautiful and creative color and design combinations found in the art form and are highly admired. Excellent natural dyes were used far longer than in most parts of Persian, and the resulting carpets are often extremely appealing.


This particular rug features a pattern referred to as “Mustafi” after a 19th century Persian prime minister who commissioned artisans to create this geometrized version of the “gol farang” (foreign flower; inspired by French and English florals) pattern that enjoyed immense popularity at the time.

2007 Mahal