3756 Oushak 6.4 x 16.4

3756 Oushak Gallery Rug
6ft 4 in x 16ft 4 in

The town of Oushak, roughly one hundred miles south of present day Istanbul, Turkey, produced some of the most commercial rugs of all times.  Their distinctive designs appear as early as the fifteenth century in the paintings of Lorenzo Lotto; they are mentioned as part of the booty of the Polish king, John III Sobieski; and they are found in the Savonnerie motifs of the seventeenth century.

In the nineteenth century, the traditional deep indigo and vermilion tones of the so-called “Star Oushak” gave way to more subtle earth tones of coral, ivory, gray and olive green.  Frequently used as coverings for the floors of elegant homes, these large rugs also lent themselves to the export trade.

This particular rug is a perfect example of the more subtle color palette that came to be used in the late 19th and early 20th century in Oushak.  The format and size is very unusual and leads one to surmise that it was a custom ordered piece.

3756 Oushak