In the late nineteenth century the Arak region of Persia catered especially to western markets, with the the most famous, the English firm of Ziegler & Company established in Sultanabad and became directly involved in the design and manufacture of the finest Mahal or “Sultanabad” carpets. The color selected for these rugs were meant to appeal to the English tastes of the time, but they remain popular to this day all over the world.
While Zieglers are famed for the monumental scale of their floral designs, this magnificent example boasts a grand hexagonal medallion filled within and without by more finely proportions Herati designs of the sort customary in Senneh and Malayer Persian carpets. The Herati design here, however, is arranged in an extraordinary manner, utilizing rotational rather than radial symmetry. As a result, the effect is reminiscent of the great Ottoman ‘Selendi Bird’ carpets of the sixteenth century.
The richly articulated palmette vinescroll border is more classically Sultanabad, although its scale is carefully tuned to that of the field design, thereby achieving a consistent, highly decorative effect.  The selection of colors is classic Ziegler, although interestingly, there is no red utilized.

3781 Ziegler Mahal