Audience Carpet

Senneh was for two centuries the capital of Kurdistan, and was thus settled by Persian officials who ordered fine quality rugs for their homes.

Although knotted by Kurdish tribesman rather than urban-dwelling salaried artisans, Senneh is well known for producing very high quality small rugs.  What sets apart this example is that the same fine weave of the smaller carpets has been employed in a large size.

The audience carpet design was made only by special commission for use by honored leaders.  The Khan, a person of great importance, would be seated at the head section of the rug.  The central walkway (navy background on this rug) was where visitors and towns people came to pay respect to the Khan.  Servants and body guards flanked both sides of the walkway.

The outer borders that surround each section of the design, as well as the complete rug, are very narrow, as is typical with Senneh carpets.  This adds to the finesse of the audience design.

The central walkway consists of the same herati design flowers and delicately drawn leaves as the rest of the carpet, but the prominence of colors have been reversed.  The three other sections of the rug contain the typical rustish color of Senneh intertwined with light purple, salmon, olive, taupe, and navy blue outlines.

This is a very rare, special carpet that is the pride of any collection.

7046 Senneh Carpet