AubuTapestrysson Tapestry – The Battle At Sea
(No. 9985)
9ft x12ft  (274    cm x 368    cm)
17th century

The Aubusson workshops in the center of France have produced woven wall decorations for the French nobility since as early as the 15th century, and is the oldest continuous tapestry weaving center in Europe.   In 1664, Louis XIV granted the Royal Manufactory, to the Aubusson ateliers, thus increasing the demand and popularity of their work.

This vivid depiction of hand to hand combat has a foreground of breaking waves, which engulf some of the partially submerged warriors.  In the center of the image  a number of armed soldiers and mounted fighters in a variety of dress – contemporary and fanciful – engage in violent action.  One soldier frantically paddles while in the far right distance, additional armed forces continue the fight on land.

On all four sides, a highly complex border composed of battle accoutrements, floral and foliate elements provide a complimentary continuation of the theme of  combat.

Directly below this fine border is a woven signature –   “HGMRAUBUSON” [sic].
This identified the work as a product of the Royal Manufactory.  The weaver or workshop is the unidentified “HG”

Condition:  Very good

9985 Aubusson Tapestry