In addition to sales, we provide:

  • Consultation on building a collection
  • Expert restoration of all rugs and textiles
  • Superb cleaning services
  • Rental and leasing of rugs and tapestries
  • Help in evaluating rugs to purchase at auction
  • Evaluation for estate or insurance purposes

Nemati Cleaning & Restoration

Specializing in high-end rugs and tapestries “No Short Cuts”
Our top-notch restoration and cleaning service emphasizes the use of old world, natural techniques. Rugs are hand washed, stains are removed and each item is meticulously restored before delivery.
Tapestries are either restored or conserved, based on what is best for the object and then newly lined and prepared for hanging before delivery.

Consultation for Burgeoning Collectors

Evaluation and advice
Advice on how to best use rugs and tapestries in your decor

Lectures for Design & Art Groups

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